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Australia, part 1

Posted in Fashion by unknownhipster on May 6, 2009
Me, in Sydney

Me, in Sydney

You were picturing me in NY, strolling up and down the Bowery, masterminding some new blowing-out posts, or simply lounging in my pad, listening to my favorite old tapes ( Uneven Dusk:” The rehearsals”)… But, guess what? I’m in Australia for the Fashion Week! Storming Sydney in the company of  most famous bloggers  Scott and Garance!  To be honnest, I was reluctant to go, for fair of the long-haul flight, but the P.R. people insisted so much, I had to submit. I mean, they were desesperate to see me hanging around in their very special city.      


On my way to Sydney

On my way to Sydney

My asking for up-grade to First was declined, and I ended up in coach with basket-ball players celebrating upon their return.In top of beers, one of the dudes seated behind me might have been taking an acid instead of sleeping pills, as he kept pushing my seat all the way, enabling me to concentrate on Art Forum.      

Amazing long blond hair

Amazing long blond hair

Here, girls are mostly like everywhere else, with the same oversized hand-bags that can be seen worldwide in major cities. But this one had amazing long blond hair. I thought it could make an interesting picture, and asked if I could document her hair. And here is the thing about Sydney: people are really nice and unpretentious. She said yes with a big smile.    

All-over tattoos give this man a distinguished style

All-over tattoos give this gentleman a distinguished style

I was much intrigued by this man, thinking he was an aborigen shaman, while in fact, he is a tatoo artist. He owns a wonderful little shop in the outskirt of town. For those interested, anyone coming on behalfe of The Unknown Hipster will get a complimentary 4,5 X 6 inches “mad skull with wings” anywhere on his back.    

Brillant emerging talent

Brillant emerging talent

I couldn’t enter the big shows, since it was too crowded and I have no patience. I sometimes stayed outside to hear the soundtrack. Not always worth it,  they have top quality tents here, so thick and strong, most are sound proof. Scouting the less established, I discovered some really interesting designers, like this one above.    

A fascinating elegance

A gorgeous ensemble

I met this person at sunset by the Opera house. I was astonished by her elegance – look how fabulously tailored is the hat! and the oh-so well choosen orange of the soft plastic bag!.. – and politly asked this woman what was her position in the Fashion world, assuming she was famous. She started screaming at me and throwing things. I had to run back to my hotel in an emergency. The next morning, I met Scott by the breakfast-buffet and asked him if he had ever spotted the strange woman, but he didn’t  know anything about her, and replied in his wit that she was probably invisible to anybody else than me.      

Beautiful rainbow!

Beautiful rainbow!

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  1. Janelle von Ashcraft said, on May 8, 2009 at 6:19 am

    I am the girl with the long blond hair. Please stop sending me text messages. I WILL NOT come to your hotel room to hear “Uneven Dusk,” ever.

  2. Elaine said, on May 18, 2009 at 10:03 pm

    I love how you have captured sydney and all the reasons why I don’t live there. Well done.

  3. Ari Athans said, on July 1, 2009 at 7:50 am

    Man your Australian fashion week story made me laugh so much. Love the drawings.

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