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My Life As a Model

Posted in Fashion by unknownhipster on December 1, 2010

I have recently been offered to do some modeling for French GQ.

I was worried I would have to lift weights or swim two hours a day, but they said it was okay to stay as I am.

Modeling involves very little participation, and there’s nothing demeaning about it if you work with tasteful photographers.

A lot of the job is waiting around, and while most people in the studio spend their day checking Facebook, it’s not forbidden to read a book or write poetry while you’re worked on by the hairdresser or have your nails polished.

It’s a known fact that Fashion photographers have big egos, but it’s okay not to talk to them. There is always loud music in the studios anyway, and photographers can hardly hear themselves giving directions. And this is okay too, because their directions are generally very basic, like « gorgeous », or « yes ! ». Actually, if you happen to hear them over the noise, their comments are more embarrassing than anything else. They suddenly make you doubt and think the whole enterprise is not serious, but it is.

Here are some of my favorite shots, with a few behind-the-scenes commentaries and my own tips.

This was for November Fashion. While posing with these logs, I had a great talk with the girls. Karolina, the blonde on the left, had studied philosophy in Moscow, while Prune on the right had just published a novel. It turned out both girls had been featured more than naked in purple diary, which disappointed me.

Successful modeling is all about being yourself and not trying to hard. A Fashion story on axes, for the December issue. I did my best menacing demeanor with the Best Made ax, so the crew played my old tapes.

For an air travel editorial. I’m so relaxed when I model, I can actually fall asleep for real. I walked out of the shoot with these expensive pyjamas, and had to return them to the assistant the next day, but they shrunk down 3 sizes since it was raining and I couldn’t find a cab.

Who said modeling was a tough job ? I remembered I just had some delicious bruchetta from catering, and the only thing that bothered me on the shoot was the rough feel of this rare vinyl on my fingers.

A tribute to The Fantastic Mister Fox, one of my favorite movie, ever.

Another cool shot. I almost forgot the photographer was there.

If the stylist wants to play, I’m able to completely transform myself.

A few tips for modeling :

–  no sport at all

–  sleep as much as you want, or don’t

–  extract respect from assistants by insisting on your musical tastes

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