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Peter Smith in a Paul Smith ad

Posted in Whereabouts by unknownhipster on October 27, 2011

Peter Smith in a Paul Smith ad

It seems that autumn magazine ads these days are all about S&M widows, or models in fake artists studios (the painter’s palette reworked by the make-up artist), when they don’t simply mimic, at the photographer’s command, a violent orgasm produced by a new perfume or hand-bag.

That’s why I was stunned the other day to see my friend Peter Smith in a Paul Smith ad, staring out with reasonable and limited excitement at the viewer from the pages of Wallpaper magazine.

Peter lives in London, and with Andrew Hale does the music for the Paul Smith shows. In the ad Peter looks normal. You can trace on his face all the music he has been listening to, and he is not trying to have the crazy wild actor look of some young dudes in the same situation.

We share a common interest for sad songs, and sometimes for fun Peter would email me one, and I try to email him back a sadder one, but he always win. Of course, what is really sad is not to know the girl who stands modestly in the back of the ad. I believe her name is Valerija Kelava. She looks less futile and more thoughtful than most models, but may be it’s at Sir Paul Smith’s command.

London Women’s Show Music Listing (Music production by Peter Smith and Andrew Hale):

1. Nico – All Tomorrow’s Parties

2. Vitamin String Quartet – All Tomorrow’s Parties

3. Yawn – candle

4. The Kills – Heart is a Beating Drum

5. Lykke Li – Youth Knows No Pain

6. Little Dragon – Nightlight.

7. Yawn – Magician

Finale: Rolling stones – She’s a Rainbow

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