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Guards and Chateau Marmont at CMJ Music Festival

Posted in Music by unknownhipster on October 23, 2011
Kaylie Schiff, from Guards
It was at the CMJ Music Marathon in New York, a festival where during 5 days hundreds of bands play in small clubs or bigger venues from 10 am until late at night.
And this is how I finally got to see one of my favorite bands, Guards, performing at Pianos.
They were really good, even though it was early in the afternoon.
Chateau Marmont‘s drummer and guitar player have their own individual mustaches style.

Housse de Racket at Silencio

Posted in Music by unknownhipster on September 30, 2011

Housse de Racket on stage

This was last Monday night, at Silencio, David Lynch’s new club.

The metal stairs that lead you down at least 3 stories underground seem never to end.  And as a matter of fact, as you go down there’s a profound, gravely silence.

The club is a succession of small mirrored rooms, with the overall feeling of being lost in the secret chambers of a pyramid. I even found myself walking like an Egyptian.

One of the redesigned caves is a low lit lounge called the Art Library. David Lynch selected a small number of monolith books to decorate the 2 glossy shelves that run along the curved walls. Waiting for Housse de Racket to play, and surrounded by young couples kissing, I picked up one of the coffin-entombed coffee table books, only to realize it was too dark to see.

I thought I would be more into Housse de Racket’s name (it’s better than Housse de Couette, but not as poetic as Uneven Dusk, my former band’s name) than their music, but they were damn good live, they  really shaked the Silencio. And now, I can’t get their hit number « Château » out of my head, while I would normally have preferred the more psychedelic « Empire ».

 Pierre jumped of the stage in his boat shoes.