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Cut Pieces

Posted in Art, Fashion by unknownhipster on September 13, 2010

On Fashion’s Night Out, the art galleries of Chelsea were no less crowded than the shopping sidewalks of Soho.

At D’Amelio Terras, the incoming visitors had to be contained so as not to storm all at once the Polly Apfelbaum’s installation. In a piece titled « Off Colour », the artist had cut and arranged sequined stretch fabric in colors derived from a stack of erotic slides bought in a London flea market.

Althought most viewers were carefully navigating through the piece’s negative space, some pieces of fabrics, simply laid on the gallery floor, were disturbed out of place by the more distracted visitors—or those equipped with oversized shoes—leading the artist to re-adjust the pieces in an unpremeditated performance.

I then had to elbow my way down to the MoMA store in Soho, where Adi, Gaby and Angela from threeASFOUR were paying tribute to Yoko Ono’s 1964 « Cut Piece »  by cutting into pieces their own design worn by a model. Here Adi wears a dress with drawings by Yoko, from the previous collection.

A wide range of scissors were available to the participating viewers, and when my turn came, I was torn between not damaging my friends’ design with the desire to reveal more of the stunning beauty.

A Dreary Saturday in Chelsea

Posted in Art by unknownhipster on March 2, 2010

A tormented, Burchfield-esque vision presented itself on a Chelsea street on Saturday, when the sinister weather puts Art and gallery visitors to the test.

Somewhat less torturous Charles Burchfield graphite drawings are on view at the nearby D’Amelio Terras Gallery.

Hunting rubber boots, worn in various colors, brought a cheerful note to the dark mood of the day.

Melting snow left a handful of Art Lovers stranded on slouchy snow banks with little chance of rescue from gallery assistants.

Ironic wiring in a Banks Violette installation at Gladstone – a sculpture which somehow formally echoed my hat. Being in a mundane state of mind, I wondered how one could vacuum between the wires without messing up the piece.

« Band of Bikers » at Zieher Smith presents a hundred fading 1970s snapshots of gay bikers found by the gallery owner in his building basement, among the discarded belongings of  a recently deceased tenant.

I wonder where Hell’s Angel cap went.