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Listening to Glenn

Posted in Art by unknownhipster on March 16, 2012

At the opening of  « Dressed For Art » at fi:af, Glenn O’Brien arrived with a large bag, from which he pulled out a bullhorn to read some of his poems.


Give me a plain.

Make it a medium plain.

No, I don’t want anything in it.

You don’t have any medium ?

Only large, extra large,

But don’t fill it up all the way

 Glenn is the only poet who understands the relationship of Fashion and the commercial world. Once I heard he read « Beatnik  Executives », one of my favorites,  inside the Barneys store.

I saw the best minds of my generation

Depressed by lawsuits, dieting, sober, all dressed up,


Angelheaded hipsters renegotiating the social contract,

Trying to renegotiate the lease on life

And cool this microwaved world.

Excerpt from « Beatnick Executives », in Soapbox, Imschoot Uitgevers

Besides having been photographed in his pants by Andy Warhol for the cover sleeve of Sticky Fingers, he is the only poet who has been writing on the subject of « How to Be a Man », a philosopher’s take on sartorial subjects that extend unto questions like « the correct insult » or « what to do after death and how to deal with eternity. »

Most poets try to bring you down to make a living, but Glenn provides workable solutions for life:

When I get confused or dismayed or bored I always think : but what if this was an art movie.

In « Toward a More Bohemian Lifestyle », Soapbox, Imschoot Uitgevers


A color pencil interpretation of “The Happening”, an oil painting by Jean-Philippe Delhomme echoing Glenn’s reading.