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An installation by Andy Spade

Posted in Art by unknownhipster on September 23, 2011

On September 9th Andy did a one day installation at the Half Gallery.

In a work entitled « Casa Grande AZ 1972-1975 » 30 cacti of various shapes were arrayed on the floor, while black ballons floated above, up against the ceiling.

As the gallery text said : « Andy Spade’s first solo show offers a glimpse into his youth growing up in a small town Arizona town. In a household with a new stepfather, he and his brothers felt the tension between his fits of rage and depression and his mother’s blind, yet always sunny disposition. This installation represents the sublimation of childhood disenfranchisement. »

The deflating balloons exploded when low enough to touch the cacti, and their number gradually diminished.

This slow but inevitable process went on all night behind the gallery’s closed door.

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