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NY Fashion Week Fall 2010: Insulated Fashion at Moncler

Posted in Fashion by unknownhipster on February 16, 2010

One hundred or so living models were standing on a 4-story scaffolding structure installed on the golf driving range on the Hudson, wearing the latest Moncler collection.

The futuristic, neo-military opera-style installation reminded me of the aesthetic of some of the Thierry Mugler photographs campaigns from the late 80s.

The coldness was extreme, and only well-equiped Fashion people could stay on the tall balconies to study the models and confront chilly winds blowing from across the river in the New Jersey dark skies.

I was glad to wear my vintage Moncler, and a French ski team hat from Brooklyn Flea market that I had bought the previous weekend to attend the Fashion shows.

This is where I met Ricky, who was freezing, simply wearing a cordoroy jacket and his marine boat captain’s cap.

–       This is almost model cruelty, he said, alluding to the Artic endurance test unfolding on the scaffolding.

However, this was to forget the high-tech yet stylish insulation of the Moncler design (you can ski in warmth and still feel like a page from Wallpaper magazine).

–       Don’t worry, I told him, these pretty young things feel as hot as if they in a Purple fashion shoot.

Celebrating Fashion Week with a glass of hot chocolate

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